Staff recruitment in Kiev

Recruitment Agency "Vasko-personal" works not only in Kiev but also in other regions of Ukraine. Personnel search in each region differs considerably. If recruitment processes in cities such as Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk are similar to Kiev, in smaller cities the situation is radically different.

«Vasko-personal» has a great experience of cooperation with candidates from other cities of Ukraine. We always take into account the mentality and cultural characteristics of a region in order to find you the most appropriate candidate for a particular position.


For Regional Search we use local media of mass communication, employment centers, as well as "word of mouth" and "through acquaintances" methods which work just as effective as other standard recruitment methods.

The Team of «Vasko-personal» has all the necessary skills and competencies needed to find the most valuable personnel even in the most remote areas from the capital.

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