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Polygraph Test (Lie Detector) is a psychophysiological experimental study conducted in order to obtain an objective assessment of the information reliability provided by the investigated person. 

According to Ukrainian job portal Rabota.ua 43% of the candidates lie during the employment process. Every third employee cheats in order to obtain the desired position. Do you know how the last employed candidate cheats you?

The company "Vasco Personal" offers you an efficient solution that will reduce these terrible statistics. We offer you a unique service - Polygraph Test (Lie Detector). Now you can test the candidate before to employ him. You can carry out periodic checks of already existing staff. From now it will be easier to find the perpetrators of the thefts inside the company. In addition, you can use our service not only for business purposes.


1. We conduct tests by using modern equipment of American company Lafayette Instruments.

2. We conduct tests in accordance with international quality standards.

3. Pay attention to the skills of our professional polygraph examiner, whom we have attracted for you:

  • Our polygraph specialist is a unique expert in Ukraine, which is accredited by the American company Global Polygraph Network.

  • He is the second expert in Ukraine, who has obtained a full membership of the British and European Polygraph Association.

A modern computerized polygraph allows recording simultaneously complex classical physiological parameters (GSR, HR, AD, etc.) in response to the psychological incentives. During the test, expert observes an object under controlled conditions. The data obtained in this experimental study, are interpreted according to science-based rules.

Types of tests:

Personnel Tests for employment

The polygraph is one of the most effective means for reducing personnel risks associated with the staff selection. Unsuccessful selection of personnel causes the serious material and moral damages for the company. "Incoming" screening polygraph test is conducted only after the conclusion of the employment contract on the initiative of the owner or his agent in order to determine the suitability of a prospective employee to perform a particular job.

Employers usually are interested in a wide range of topics, among which the main ones are:

  • The reliability of the candidate CV data (the presence of incomplete or deliberately distorted information);
  • The real reasons for dismissal from previous jobs;
  • The real motives of entering into a new job position (existence of a power of attorney on the part of competitors, criminals, government agencies);
  • The presence of harmful addictions, such as:
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • The presence of significant creditor debts and other financial obligations;
  • The presence of socially dangerous diseases;
  • The aggressive candidate attitude to persons of other ethnic, religious or social group;
  • Experience of participation in corrupt activities and official malfeasances in the past;
  • The presence of a criminal record, or existing relationships with criminal circles;
  • The presence of a conflict between the personal interests of the candidate or persons close to him, and his future powers./span>

Periodic and random checks

The main purpose of periodic and random screening polygraph tests is to identify violations (default or improper performance of official duties, receiving of any undue advantage, abuse of authority, the disclosure of confidential information, etc.). The identification of these violations enables to timely response and minimize their consequences.

Tests within official investigations.

The use of polygraph during the internal investigations and inspections may be performed with the purpose of narrowing the circle of suspects, estimating the veracity of the testimonies, obtaining information about the evidence. In addition to identifying a lie, polygraph tests during an internal investigation may also help to justify unfairly accused person and to restore mutual trust.

Our equipment:

During a polygraph test, we use a modern computerized polygraph manufactured by Lafayette Instruments LX4000 POLYGRAPH SYSTEM.

Our experts:

We cooperate with a professional polygraph examiner, who conducted more than 1,000 tests commissioned by different companies in our country. Our polygraph expert has previously worked in the Private Bank and has known all the modern techniques at the international level.

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