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For clients Rates on services Agency «Vasko-personal»
  • Top Managers

    Positions: Managers, Deputy Directors, Heads of Departments, etc.

    • Price – by request
    • Warranty – 6 months
  • Managers

    Positions: Chief Accountants, Deputy Accountants, Senior Specialists, IT-specialists, etc.

    • Price – by request
    • Warranty – 3 months
  • Professionals

    Positions: Accountants, Economists, Engineers, Managers, Marketers, Designers, Lawyers, Translators, Assistants, Logisticians, Engineers, etc.

    • Price – by request
    • Warranty – 2 months
  • Specialists

    Positions: Assistants to Accountants, Administrators, Secretaries, Office Managers, Sales Representatives, Drivers, Cashiers, Operators, Couriers, etc.

    • Price – by request
    • Warranty – 1 months

Stages of personnel search

The recruitment process includes several stages:

  1. Previous order discussion
    In order to cooperate with us, you should contact us in any convenient way (cell/ e-mail/ online application form on our website). Then our manager will contact you to discuss all the details regarding our cooperation. In the case of necessity, we arrange the meeting. When we get all needed information about job positions and the Service Agreement is signed, we start to search for a required candidate.
  2. Professional recruitment
    n order to find you the best employee, we use all possible technics. First of all, we look through our continuously updated database of candidates as well as through other channels: media, social networks, personal contacts, online resources, etc. At any time, you can get the information regarding the recruitment process.
  3. Presentation of candidates
    After looking through dozens of resumes and conducting interviews, we usually choose the best 5-10 candidates according to the client requirements. We provide detailed information about presented candidate (CV, recommendations, the conclusion of our company specialist); in the case of necessity, we carry out the verification of any documentation that is submitted by the candidate. Further, our recruiters arrange interviews between the chosen candidates and the Customer-company representatives.
  4. Employment of the chosen candidate
      If the candidate corresponds to all requirements of the client and starts to work, our company and the client have to sign a bilateral act of rendered services within 5 days since the candidate first working day. After that, the client should pay the remaining amount of money for recruitment services. In case the employee doesn’t pass the probationary period, our agency performs the warranty (from 3 to 6 months) and makes replacement of the employee for free.
  5. Candidate integration into the company
    During the candidate probationary period, recruitment agency «Vasko-personal» conducts a complex set of measures on the adaptation of the employee into the company, taking into account personal and professional qualities of the candidate and the company corporate culture.
    Our agency conducts recruitment of specialists of various qualification levels in different business fields, including the search of top-level specialists (executive search) such as managers, high-class professionals, and uncommon specialists of “narrow” specializations.

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