For each company an important area of internal work is to create a HR department, which will deal primarily with the issues of all bureaucratic processes related to the existing legislation, will collect and maintain in proper condition all the documents and papers, and also will be actively involved in HR processes, the development of the company motivation structure, increasing the skill level of employees and other business processes. Setting and conducting staff paperwork at the highest level will save the owners from the headaches associated with tax and labor inspections. Timely and proper management of HR documentation will prevent you from fines, lawsuits and unexpected situations on the part of employees.

If at the current stage of development your company has no HR department, or you doubt the effectiveness of its work, as well as there is a desire to check the competence of your HR unit, you need to order HR outsourcing services.

HR outsourcing implies the transfer (fully or partially) of the HR management to the external company.

Experts of the company «Vasko Personal» promptly solve any HR outsourcing objectives./p>


1) Creation and maintenance of personnel record management.

2) A full audit of personnel (primary, current, before checking).

3) Collection and maintenance of all the HR documents

4) Training of HR managers and creation of a full system for the effective recruitment on the vacant company positions.

5) Development of internal training, assessment and motivation of employees.

6) Consulting work in a convenient way for you (phone calls, emails, Skype, business meetings) on all matters relating to the personnel records management.

HR Outsourcing of «Vasko Personal»: Your task - our solution!


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